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28/02/2019 News

Worldwide: New lubricant formulated for PSA car engines in extreme conditions

Total Quartz Ineo HTC 5W030

Paris, February 28th, 2019 - Total Lubrifiants, a partner of PSA for more than 50 years, is launching TOTAL QUARTZ INEO HTC* 5W-30, specifically designed to protect and strengthen the engines of the French automaker’s vehicles in extreme conditions.


Helping PSA Overcome Specific Challenges


PSA has updated its B71 2297 standard, which protects both older and latest-generation direct injection diesel and gasoline engines in high-temperature and very-high-temperature countries, where temperatures can exceed 50°C.
To give drivers the best that technology can provide, the R&D teams at PSA and Total Lubrifiants jointly formulated TOTAL QUARTZ INEO HTC 5W-30, which keeps engines clean and protects them while limiting oil consumption in extreme climates. With these outstanding
properties, the lubricant is recommended by PSA for all regions outside Europe.



Pairing Total Lubrifiants’ Excellence With PSA 


The collaborative process to enhance performance excellence enabled current standards and specifications, such as the ACEA C3** sequence, to be exceeded. TOTAL QUARTZ INEO HTC 5W-30 boosts wear resistance by up to 70%*** more than standard requirements, reducing piston and cylinder friction and extending engine life. “We’re very pleased to have joined forces with PSA to provide an efficient solution to user needs. With its high-performance products, Total Lubrifiants is demonstrating its ambition to bring vehicles into a more virtuous cycle for its ecosystem, by curbing emissions,” said Hong-Nhung Le, OEM Marketing Manager, Total Lubrifiants.

The product’s performance was demonstrated in the Middle East during the hottest period of the year, across a distance of 15,000 kilometers in actual conditions.



  • Formulated to protect turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) by surpassing API SN+ specifications.
  • Specifically tailored to the demanding conditions of high-temperature countries, with low volatility and reduced lubricant consumption, meaning engines last longer. The lubricant controls piston and turbocharger cleanliness, with almost 40%**** less piston deposit than specified by the ACEA.
  • Compatible with all types of fuels used worldwide, including high-sulfur, heavy and biofuels.

* High Temperature Country.
**ACEA C3: European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) category for high-grade oil designed for DaimlerChrysler, Renault and German automakers.
***OM646LA engine wear test required by Daimler.
****EP6CDT E10S test, the strictest ACEA performance test.


About Total Lubrifiants

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About the Marketing & Services division of Total

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About Total

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