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RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40


Lubricant for engines with or without particulate filter for use in Earthmoving, Minings, Construction or Quarries equipment


  • Generally for use with all engines that are required to operate for long periods at full capacity or with repeated acceleration and idling cycles.
  • Specifically developed for use with Japanese engines, but can also be used with American and European engines.


Low ash content

Too high an ash content results in the particulate filter getting clogged up very quickly. This is why RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40 has lower Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur contents.







The Cummins ISM test is required in order to demonstrate the capability of the oil to provide a reduced wear and avoid sludges. RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40 obtained one of the best scores on the market.







Detergency Reduced wear

The Japanese JASO DH-2 standard is only awarded to engine oils which offer the best wear prevention. RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40 obtained excellent results: only 119 µm of wear compared with 210 µm for the JASO maximum allowed





   Superior oxidation stability

RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40 successfully passed Komatsu’s stringent independent test which tests the oil’s ability to resist oxidation and deposit formation - a critical factor given Komatsu’s 500 hour oil drain interval.






    Reduced oil consumption

Caterpillar only authorizes the use of lubricants which provide its engines with flawless internal cleanliness and which result in only small quantities of oil being required during operation. The Caterpillar C13 engine test is used to select the best oils according to these criteria. RUBIA WORKS 2000 10W-40 obtained an excellent result.

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