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A closer look to the genesis of the Django adventure

Once upon a time, in 1956, Michel Vaslin and Serge Cracuin traveled 17000 km by scooter from Saigon to Paris. They drove their Peugeot S57 for more than 4 months. After leaving Saigon on the 21st April 1956, they arrived in Paris on the 25th August

The two french leading seamen explored Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Jordania, Yougoslavia, Italia, France and many more countries on their Scooters S57 Peugeot, the model that inspired the DJANGO.


Peugeot Scooters is opening a representative office in Vietnam in November. On the occasion of this launching, we intend to write history again. 60 years after, let’s celebrate the anniversary and live the return trip from Paris to Saigon!

Two french passionnate youngsters will be choosen to drive DJANGO scooters from France to Vietnam. They will enlighten Peugeot Scooters’ bold and everlasting history. In this new era, they will reembody the genuine adventurers with pride and loyalty in order to make us live again this legendary journey through more than 12 countries.

Driving their scooters DJANGO 125cc, these two lucky pilots will share their unbelievable experience. They will leave Paris on the 29 th of August and the adventure will finish in the end of October in Vietnam. Get in gear for the super-charged thrill of the world's hottest scooter exploring the world and broadcasting everything on the Brand Portal, the social media and the Peugeot Scooters’ website.

Discover the video explaining the project in further details

Peugeot scooters history

Django Adventure Partner: PEUGEOT

Why TotalEnergies involved in such a project?

TotalEnergies has been a partner of PSA group for more than 45 years. Trust, innovation and success are at the core of our concerns. There is a true cooperation and synergy both at technical, marketing and business level.
As international partner, we are more than happy to accompany Peugeot Scooters in this Peugeot Adventure road trip as we share common values (reliability, performance and innovation)
This project is a great international adventure which goes through many countries where TotalEnergies is implemented and delighted to provide support to Peugeot Scooters adventurers.
Thanks to its high technology, our HI PERF SCOOTER engine oil is perfectly adapted to undergo the most extreme conditions in this journey (heat, rain, steep roads, stop& go in cities)

Have a look to our video explaining the involvement of TotalEnergies in Django adventure

Django Adventure Partner: TotalEnergies

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